Rental Application Requirements

1. Must have a minimum credit score of 580.
2. Must have at least two open lines of credit that have been opened for 12 months or more with no delinquencies reported.
3. Cannot have an eviction, foreclosure or bankruptcy reported within the last three years.
4. Applicant must show proof of monthly net income that equals three times the monthly rent of the desired property the applicant wishes to rent.
5. If a co-signer is needed, they must reside within the state of Georgia and meet all the requirements the applicant must meet except for income. They must show proof of monthly income equal to 5x the amount of rent of the desired property the applicant wishes to rent.
6. We will need to obtain a rental reference if the applicant has ever rented before.
7. Applicant must complete Pet Screening profile.

PLEASE NOTE: The unit will not be removed from the market and reserved for an applicant until all the requirements above have been met and funds have been received by Sherman and Hemstreet. Properties are reserved on a First Come First Serve Basis. In some situations, there are multiple approved applicants. Application fees are non-refundable, but we can consider you for other properties if requirements are met.